Rosemary Argente releases new book Blantyre and Yao women

13 May 2019

On Saturday 11th May, we welcomed honoured guests and friends to the Edinburgh City Chambers for the book launch and celebration of long-time Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) family member Rosemary Argente.

We were delighted to host the launch of Blantyre and Yao Women, with guests travelling from Malawi to join us for a meaningful and heart-warming day which brought together those with personal links to Rosemary, and those whose lives she touched during the writing of her book.

The foreword written by David Stuart-Mogg, Joint Editor, Society of Malawi Journal says:

Blantyre and Yao Women is the occasionally complex story of a Yao family or clan passed down, mother to daughter, through the female line. It is the result of many years of inquiry, contemplation and study.

At the launch, chair of the SMP, Prof Ken Ross read a number of passages from Rosemary’s book which gave a taste of the oral testimonies and narratives immortalised in her writing and noted these as important contribution to the preservation of Malawi’s history.

We also heard from the descendants mentioned in Rosemary’s book who had travelled from Malawi to share their thanks in person.

Guests and staff enjoyed Malawian music, dancing and refreshments while Rosemary provided signed copies of her book for sale.

We are grateful to those who travelled across Scotland, England and Malawi to join us on this special occasion.

If you would like a copy of Rosemary’s book, which costs £10, please get in touch with the SMP. 

Photos: Have a look at our gallery from Rosemary's book launch

Rosemary Argente releases new book Blantyre and Yao Women