Oxygen Supply Coordination Group

2 Feb 2021

At its 25th January Covid meeting, with Malawi’s Minister of Health, the Scottish Government’s International Development Minister, the Malawi Cross Party Group (Scottish Parliament), the Malawi All-Party Parliamentary Group (UK Parliament) and 250 key stakeholders across Malawi and Scotland, the issue of oxygen supply was identified by many as a critical area in which further urgent support was needed.

It was agreed that it would be useful for the SMP to facilitate more detailed conversations in this area and a meeting was quickly scheduled for 2nd February.  This meeting was specifically for individuals directly involved in the oxygen supply challenges in Malawi, to explore what best the SMP could do as a network.


CLICK HERE to watch the meeting on YouTube, or scroll down this page to view (note: unfortunately, the first ten minutes have been lost from the recording).

CLICK HERE to read the chat log.

It was clear that there is real and immediate value in creating a space for sharing information about the oxygen supply issue between those involved: sharing updates about what equipment is lacking where, and who is doing what on the ground in response to this.

The SMP is therefore establishing a time-limited Scotland-Malawi Oxygen Supply Coordination Group to continue this exchange of vital information and support collaboration. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Scotland-Malawi Oxygen Supply Coordination Group.