Meet the Young Climate Leaders – From Scotland and Malawi

15 Mar 2021

Afternoon Shorts

  • What are young people in Scotland and Malawi doing about the climate crisis?
  • How is climate change affecting them right now?
  • What do they think must happen to save our world, together?

During the Scotland Malawi Partnership's Youth Festival 2021, we heard from nine ambitious young Climate Leaders. Each leader talked about the work and initiatives they are already involved in and discussed ideas for better international cooperation in tackling the climate crisis.  
Young speakers are all part of the 2050 Climate Group in Scotland and Malawi, partnering with our sister office MaSP (Malawi Scotland Partnership).

You can watch all three sessions via the links below:

  • Kelvin, Memory and Sofia - Watch highlights here and the full recording here
  • Nia, Gift and Victoria - Watch highlights here and the full recording here
  • Amiton, Marah and Emily - Watch the highlights here and the full recording here

Watch the highlight videos









Sofia works as a renewable energy engineer and is a volunteer for the 2050 Climate Group. She is interested in interdisciplinary solutions to achieve a net zero society, in an equitable and accessible manner. Sofia is optimistic that through radical international collaboration we can tackle the climate crisis and improve everyone’s lives.



I am an Active Travel Coordinator encouraging the use of sustainable transport options, and I’m passionate about creating resilient and cohesive communities for the future.

Emily Farquhar.jpeg


Nia is passionate about climate justice, in particular protecting the rights of environmental migrants. She graduated with an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh where her research focus was on power relations in climate change decision making. She is hoping to translate this passion into her new job where she will be working in the climate research-policy interface.




I am a Malawi Scotland Partnership Climate change young leader. I have just finished pursuing a Bachelor of Education in Humanities from Domasi College of Education. I focus on advocating for climate justice among fellow youths so as to probe for further youth engagement in climate action.

Kelvin Chinguwo.jpg


My name is Marah Lindiwe Sulu. I am 23 years old. A holder of BSc in development studies. Currently working with Rural Development Partners (RDP) as a Community development Officer Intern focussing in the areas of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), climate Change adaptations through planting trees and implementing climate smart agriculture. I am also a climate change Young leader based in Ekwendeni.  My interest is on Tree planting and advocacy in schools.

Marah Sulu.png

Gift Mkwanda

I’m young Malawian man, aged 27. I’m based in Balaka District, TA Msamala at Kainga Village. I obtained a Diploma in Strategic Management and current I am volunteering with Malawi-Scotland Partnership as Climate Change Leader more especially in environmental conservation field (tree planting and waste management).

Gift Mkwanda.png

Memory Iungu

Memory lungu, a scientist and educationist from the University of malawi chancellor college. A climate change young leader and also a mentor at ladies in tertiary education (LAITE). I'm passionate about teaching and helping young people discover their potential especially girls who always have negative attitude towards science disciplines.

Memory Iungu.JPG

Amiton Ngwira

Amiton Ngwira is a holder of Bachelor of science in Agriculture obtained from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).He was trained as an agriculturist but he is a teacher by profession. He joined Malawi Scotland partnership (MASP) in the year 2018,as a climate change Youth Leader-he has done a number of activities such as tree planting, Youth training, awareness campaign, just to mention a few.Currently he is implementing a project titled ESTABLISHMENT OF WOODLOTS IN HOUSEHOLDS AND SCHOOLS as one way of combating climate change.

Amiton Ngwira.JPG

Victoria Milanzi

Victoria Milanzi, Chancellor College student studying Communication and Cultural Studies.  MaSP Climate Change Young Leader


Victoria Milanzie.jpg