Further and Higher Education Forum

29 Nov 2018
We invited members with Further Education or Higher Education (FEHE) links to take part in a discussion chaired by Dr Yonah Matemba of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS).
On Thursday 29th November, the FEHE Forum met at the University of Strathclyde to discuss active Scotland-Malawi university and education links with members and hear general updates from a number of leading academic institutions.
Dr Yonah Matemba and Dr Peter Mtika presented on the issue of accreditation and the appropriate UK equivalence of Malawian qualifications. Mostafa Al-Mossallami  will provide an update on DFID’s work in Further & Higher Education.
Further & Higher Education institutions in Scotland also offered a snapshot of their work in Malawi and we heard from Malawian students about their experience of studying in Scotland, with additional time for networking at the end.
At the meeting an 18-month action plan was agreed for the FE/HE Forum, with six strategic objectives:
  1. Host three half-day meetings of the FE/HE forum, bringing together all those across the Scottish FE/HE sector engaged with Malawi, to strengthen links through support, networking, collaboration and shared learning.

  2. Publish a comprehensively updated Directory of FE/HE links between Scotland and Malawi (last updated 2015), to raise awareness of existing partnerships, share learning, build support encourage collaboration and reduce duplication. 

  3. Strengthen the SMP’s network of senior contacts across funders and key strategic partners, with the Scottish Government, DFID, the British Council, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and others actively participating in each of the above three FE/HE meetings.

  4. Explore the possibility of supporting members to build a consortia-bid, bringing together a number of Scottish and Malawian universities, for future funding programmes.

  5. To look to make a tangible contribution on the issue of accreditation, whereby too often Malawian qualifications do not have the appropriate UK equivalence due to issue with NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre). 

  6. To support Malawian academics studying in Scotland and Scottish academics in Malawi, potentially including through visa applications, support establishing work-based placements, signposting, alumni networks, and responding to other requests and priorities.