Cross Party Group on Malawi

1 May 2019

The Scottish Parliament's Malawi Cross Party Group (CPG), which is supported by the Scotland Malawi Partnership, convened on Wednesday 1st May for a busy and well-attended meeting.

You can read the CPG on Malawi Minutes here. 

At the CPG, we heard from health projects in Malawi funded by the Scottish Government's Malawi Development Programme.

In response to the recent floods in Malawi, we also dedicated some time at the CPG to receive an overview and update on the Malawi floods by Professor. Bob Kalin from the University of Strathclyde. Our news section has the latest details on the developing updates on the floods. 

The presentation from Professor Bob Kalin took place at 6.05pm followed by an open discussions between 6.20pm and 6.30pm.

Focusing on Global Health for the remainder of the CPG, we heard from Angus Loudon, the Chief Executive Officer at St John Scotland and Mike McKirdy, Professional Advisor for the Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit at the Scottish Government.

6.35pm: Angus Loudon from St John Scotland offered insights and updates into their work with sister organisation St John Malawi which delivers first aid and healthcare services to vulnerable members of the communities in Blantyre and Lilongwe. Their latest project is expected to benefit 57,000 people at home, including more than 10,000 expectant and new parents.

Local St John Malawi volunteers make door-to-door visits to expectant and new parents, teaching pregnant women about nutrition and antenatal check-ups, and helping them prepare for delivery. The volunteers also help households improve sanitation to prevent potentially life-threatening water-borne illness. In remote villages, where health services are unavailable, St John and local health staff run outreach clinics to bring services to some of the country’s most vulnerable people. More than 25,000 people also stand to benefit from community health education, including young people before their first pregnancy.

6.50pm: Open discussion Q&A followed.

7.05pm: Mike McKirdy, Professional Advisor for the Scottish Global Health Co-ordination Unit at the Scottish Government presented on the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme.

7.20pm: Open discussion and Q&A

7.45pm: Networking and Malawi G&Ts/soft drink

8pm: Close