'BuyMalawian' Faith Services

18 Mar 2018

On Sunday 18th March we invited all of our faith members to dedicate their services to our #BuyMalawian2018 campaign.

These services brought the campaign to a close by showcasing how crucial our faith links are to the success of the bilateral relationship, and how these links can be used to help Malawi work itself out of poverty by raising awareness of the quality Malawian products availabile to buy in the UK.

We encouraged our faith members to distribute copies of our newly published 2018 Faith Newsletter with our printable PDF bookmark copies of The Lord's Prayer in Chichewa and English, to host stalls selling Malawian Fair Trade foods and goodies, and to take part in our Walk, Talk, Trade or Cook Challenges.

Churches across Scotland, from Innerleith, Traquair and Walkerburn Parish Church to St Bernadette's Malawi Partnership took part and offered special prayers. The bookmarks were distributed across churches and schools, and stalls were held selling Malawian products.

We warmly thank all of our faith members who participated in the Buy Malawian campaign and for the continued support from our faith-based community.