Alliance & SMP: Advocacy around Scotland, Malawi and Covid-19 (Zoom Meeting 4)

21 May 2020

The Scotland Malawi Partnership and Scotland’s International Development Alliance co-hosted a Zoom meeting which specifically listened to grant-funded organisations, exploring areas of advocacy around Covid-19 response which would benefit from a collective voice.

Thursday 21 May 2020
10.30-12.00 (UK time)
This meeting was open to members of the SMP and/or the Alliance who are actively implementing projects in Malawi.  It was be particularly relevant for those with grant funding.
However, we are keen to emphasise that anyone interested is welcome to attend our wider fortnightly meetings looking at Scotland, Malawi and Covid-19 (next meeting 3rd June).
This joint meeting fitted into both network’s wider programme of Covid-19 support, complimenting and building on:
-        The Alliance’s meetings focusing on Rwanda and Zambia, earlier that week, and the Alliance’s recently published report looking at the Impact of Covid-19 on the sector.
-        The SMP’s fortnightly Covid-19 Zoom meetings and wider Covid-19 support.
The objectives of the meeting were as follows: 
1.     To facilitate information sharing, between and for the benefit of member organisations working in Malawi
2.     To gather information about existing projects which have had to pause
3.     To gather information about existing projects which could usefully be repurposed to help with COVID-19 prevention or mitigation
4.     To gather information about potential projects which if funded could help with COVID-19 response.
The meeting also reviewed and agreed the principles of best practice which came from the SMP’s 13th May meeting.