Weekly Scotland-Malawi Scotsman column draws to a close

12 Nov 2019
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Susan Dalgety, a long-standing supporter and former board member of the Scotland Malawi Partnership, has just returned from a six month trip to Malawi where she wrote a weekly column for The Scotsman about the lives of ordinary Malawians. 

Susan had also been researching and writing a book about Malawi which will be published next year by Luath Press. 

Speaking to the SMP a few days after her return to Edinburgh, Susan said: 

 "Looking out of my office window at the grey sky, I can hardly believe that a week ago I was basking in the sunshine of Malawi. Then I switch on my tape machine and hear the voice of Rev Maxwell Banda, or Wezi or Lazarus, and suddenly I am back home.

"I have just returned from six months living in Malawi, where I was researching for a book about the country which Luath Press will publish next year – once I have finished it!

"It was the best experience of my life.

"Living there, instead of rushing back to Scotland after a two-week trip, has deepened my understanding of Malawi in ways I had not anticipated. 

"I still don't know why it is one of the world's poorest countries, though I am a bit closer to understanding the factors at play.

"But I have made new, lifelong friends, and my relationship with people I first met in 2005 is deeper now than ever. 

"And I am even more convinced that the only way our world is going to survive is if we all work together, as friends and neighbours.

"Climate change does not recognise borders. Nor do the titans of the global economy.

"That is why the partnership between Scotland and Malawi matters, more even than we think.

"Now to finish that book!"

Links to all of Susan's columns can be found below.


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