Visa update for UK citizens travelling to Malawi

20 Oct 2016

UPDATE: 20-Oct-2016

We now have official confirmation from the Government of Malawi (GoM) Department of Immigration that while citizens from some countries will now need to apply in advance for visa pre-authorisation this is not a requirement for British citizens who can still obtain a visa at point of entry in Malawi, as per the current system.

For more information please see:

List of eligible countries (from the GoM Department of Immigration)

Malawi travel advice (from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

Full information on 'How to apply' (from the Malawi High Commission in London)



26 - August - 2016

We are aware that this week the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated its advice for those travelling to Malawi, stating:

“You need a visa to enter Malawi as a visitor. You can find details of the application process on the Malawi High Commission website. The Malawi authorities strongly advise you to get a visa before travel. If you can’t get a visa before travel, you can get a visa on arrival at any port of entry. However, you may require a pre-authorisation visa letter from the Malawi Immigration Department. For more information check with the Malawi High Commission in London.”

The Malawi High Commission website currently states that:



We are working closely both with the FCO and the Government of Malawi on this issue as we recognise that clarity on the procedure for securing visas is an urgent concern for those imminently travelling to Malawi.

We have spoken with the Malawi High Commission, who are themselves in active dialogue with the Malawian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this issue.  The High Commission is aware of the concerns of our members and are looking for ways to ensure the process is as smooth as possible for those looking to travel to Malawi from the UK.

We now have written confirmation from the Malawi High Commission that, until further notice is received, our members can travel to Malawi and apply for a visa on arrival. 


Members should print and complete the relevant application form and travel with this and the required supporting materials: two passport photos, covering letter, invitation letter (excluding tourists), air ticket/itinerary, confirmed hotel bookings, three months bank statements).  Full information, and the application form, is available at:

We understand that the FCO have spoken with all airlines flying to Malawi and confirm that there is no visa requirement to be allowed onto a Malawi flight.

We will continue to update the news section of our website with any further update or information relating to visa requirements.

The SMP can offer all our members a covering letter if they wish.  Please email keith(at) stating: names of those travelling, organisation name (if applicable), purpose of visit, dates in Malawi.  We will email a PDF letter as quickly as possible.  If you would like to discuss your requirements please call 0131 529 3164.


If any member of the Scotland Malawi Partnership has an urgent out of hours visa-related issue, they are welcome to telephone David Hope-Jones, the Principal Officer, directly on 07857 766 023.