Scottish Parliament celebrates Malawi links

11 Nov 2015

On Wednesday 11th November the Scottish Parliament held a special debate to celebrate ten years of formal cooperation with Malawi. 

MSPs from all parties spoke passionately about the unique people-to-people relationship and the work of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.  In total, 16 MSPs spoke in the debate, each highlighting members of the SMP in their own constituencies, and championing their fantastic work.

CLICK HERE to read the full debate on the SMP website.

The SMP and Humza Yousaf also featured in an ITV feature (12 – 19 mins) about the debate and Dumfriesshire’s links with Malawi.

We are delighted to see the continued all-party enthusiasm that exists across the Parliament for our members’ work, and greatly enjoyed the speeches by: Humza Yousaf (Glasgow); Claire Baker MSP (Mid Scotland and Fife); Jamie McGrigor MSP (Highlands and Islands); Bruce Crawford MSP (Stirling); Elaine Smith MSP (Coatbridge and Chryston); James Dornan MSP (Glasgow Cathcart); Liam McArthur MSP (Orkney Islands); Michael Russell MSP (Argyll and Bute); Siobhan McMahon MSP (Central Scotland); David Torrance MSP (Kirkcaldy); Elaine Murray MSP (Dumfriesshire); Chris Allard MSP (North East Scotland); Hanzala Malik MSP (Glasgow); Richard Lyle MSP (Central Scotland); Cameron Buchanan MSP (Lothian); and Anne McTaggart MSP (Glasgow).

We thank all the above MSPs for their passionate words about the impact of Scotland’s work with Malawi, and we encourage SMP members to tweet or email their local MSP if listed above, to thank them for their support. You can also share individual speeches on social media by at:


We will continue to engage each political party in the run up to the election in May.