Scottish Government launches new International Framework

3 Apr 2015

The Scottish Government has released its updated International Framework. The SMP was able to help feed into the final stages of the consultation for this framework and also submitted to a Scottish Parliament inquiry giving feedback on the 2012 framework.

In the associated International Policy Statement Fiona Hyslop MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs said:

"Importantly, while our international engagement will support Scotland's Economic Strategy, it will take a holistic approach, recognising our commitment to fairness and human rights does not end at our borders. For example, our relationship and partnership with Malawi will remain important. Global economic development has helped lift millions of people around the world out of poverty and improve equality, however, high levels of deprivation and inequality remain; that is why Scotland will use its international engagement to continue to act as a good global citizen.

As a good global citizen, Scotland will contribute to wider goals of promoting international stability and equality in other world regions, which, in addition to the foremost objective of working in partnership to deliver positive local change, can act to support long-term human and economic security within Scotland. As part of this commitment we will continue our advocacy of human rights, we will continue to contribute to the multilateral management of international crises, and we will continue to deliver our distinctive international development programme, ensuring that the programme maintains and intensifies its impact in years to come."

The SMP has written to the Cabinet Secretary welcoming the new International Framework and the continued policy commitment to Malawi.