New Visa information for Malawi

8 Oct 2015

From the 1st October, 2015 the Government of Malawi began implementing its new visa system. UK citizens are now required to obtain a visa to enter Malawi.

A number of SMP members have now travelled to Malawi under the new visa regime for UK citizens. The simplest options seems to be paying for your visa on arrival into Lilongwe/Blantyre, paying in cash with 75USD for the single entry visa. If you download the visa application form in advance from the Malawi High Commission website (click here) and fill in before travel this can speed up the process in the airport on arrival. You might also want to take a letter of invitation and a print out of the address you are staying at as some members have been asked for this. 

According to the Malawi High Commission website and the Government of Malawi’s own published advice a Visa can be obtained at any port of entry into Malawi or at the Malawi High Commission in London. 

 1. Obtaining a visa on arrival in Malawi

  • Cash payments only. We have been told you can pay in pounds (and Scottish notes are accepted) but it is probably safer to take the necessary amount in dollars.
  • According to the Government of Malawi you should also download and complete the visa form in advance and send by email to permitcounter(at) at the Immigration Department. However it seems this step of emailing the Permit Counter is not a requirement, and can lead to additional processing fees.
  • We would recommend printing off the form and completing, alongside other support documents (see list above) and handing over to immigration staff along with your payment on your arrival into Malawi.
  • VISA FEES: The following fees are applicable only at Visas processed on arrival in Malaiw.


Visa Type

Visa Fee (US$)



Single entry


Multiple Entry (6 months)


Multiple entry (12 months)


 2. Obtaining a visa in advance

  • If sent by post payment is by postal order or bank cheque payable to “Malawi High Commission”
  • Requirements are as follows;
    • valid passport for not less than six months
    • downloaded and completed visa form 
    • two passport photos
    • covering letter
    • invitation letter (excluding tourists)
    • air-ticket/itinerary
    • confirmed hotel booking
    • three months latest bank statements showing at least £35 available for each day of your stay in Malawi.
    • We have been told by the MHC that it takes one week to process (we would recommend sending as soon as possible before you travel).
    • VISA applications are received on MONDAY’s only from 10:30am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 3:30pm.
    • Approved Visas are collected only on THURSDAY’s only from 10:30am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 3:30pm.
    • If sending by post please send by recorded delivery and include a Stamped Addresses Envelope to it can be sent back to.
  • Additional documents required for minor children only (Under 16 Years of age) 
    • A copy of the child’s birth certificate showing both the parents names.
    • Consent letter addressed to the embassy signed by both the parents.
    • Photocopy of both parents' passports

VISA FEES: The following fees are applicable only at Visas processed at the Malawi High Commission in London and payable in British Sterling Pound (GBP) by postal order or cheque.

Visa Type

Visa Fee (GBP)

Transit Visa (7 days)


Single entry (90 days)


Multiple Entry (6 months)


Multiple entry (12 months)



Further information:

Malawi High Commission website:

Government of Malawi “Visa in Malawi” document