New children’s book 'One Different World' inspired by volunteering in Malawi

16 Apr 2019
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A new children’s book inspired by a volunteering trip to Malawi has launched.

Author Keri Hefferman wrote the book 'One Different World' following a visit Malawi where she volunteered on a project focused on retaining girls’ education.

Working as a teacher in the UK, Keri’s trip brought into focus her belief that schooling ought to be free across the world to give everybody the same opportunities.

It is this theme that lies at the heart of her work as she uses the story to illustrate a range of scenarios school pupils 7000 miles apart may face.

From classroom resources and access to clean water to cooking techniques and the use of electricity, Keri emphasises that this story is very much based on a personal account.

 “The book is based on my own experiences in both countries. I am sure that the situations described are not accurate or representative of everybody in either country,” Keri says.

“However, I wanted to show the vast differences that I incurred and make children aware that, just 7000 miles away, children are experiencing a completely different upbringing and therefore diverse futures.”

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Highlighting some of the everyday situations school pupils in the UK may face compared to pupils in Malawi throughout the story, the book ends by breaking this format and focusing on similarities.

It reads: “We can learn from each other, that’s why we’re blessed.

“We have similarities and differences to embrace, but remember people are special any where, any place.”

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Read One Different World by Keri Hefferman here.