Malawian Language and Culture Workshops

18 Apr 2019

This year, we’re taking a new approach to our Malawian Language and Culture Workshops. Developed in consultation with our group of fantastic tutors, and using feedback from previous years, the new programme will aim to meet the needs of the membership in a few different ways.

The programme will include:

-          Beginners’ courses run four times a year, consisting of two 90 minute sessions usually taking place 2 weeks apart.

-          A selection of modular sessions covering different topics and levels.

-          Language cafes offering a casual social environment for people to practise and hone their language skills with other speakers.

The first beginners’ courses will be taking place in May and June in Glasgow and Edinburgh. See the SMP events page for more details of what's coming up.

The beginners’ course is ideal for anyone who is starting right from scratch or wants to refresh their basic language skills. We’ll be covering introductions, basic cultural points, and useful language such as bartering and personal information. The lessons will be largely conversational helping you to feel confident in using what you learn outside of the classroom.

The modular sessions will cover subjects and levels of language and culture as need dictates from the membership. This could be to cover particular topics like health, food, geography, or it could be a particular level if you feel your language skills need a top up.

If you’re interested in sessions other than the beginners’ course, please fill in the survey here to let us know what you’d like to see in these sessions.

We’ll be updating the event pages regularly with new information about courses, sessions, and the language cafes. If you’d like to be kept updated, please email Gemma or Grace