Malawi links in every Scottish constituency!

8 Jul 2015
MP event london.png

The Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) has published a new paper giving examples of Malawi links from within its membership in each of the 59 Westminster constituencies.

This coincided with a Westminster reception hosted by BOND and NIDOS, attended by more than 40 of Scotland’s 59 MPs, at which the SMP was able to meet with MPs and raise awareness of Scotland’s civic links with Malawi. 

The Scotland Malawi Partnership is politically neutral and non-governmental. However, in helping coordinate, represent and support our members’ work with Malawi, it is important we connect effectively with the governments and parliaments of Scotland, the UK and Malawi. We help to build and maintain strong all-party parliamentary support for Scotland’s friendship with Malawi in all three parliaments and are always keen to help connect Members of Parliament with SMP members in their constituency.

To this end, we are pleased to publish details of how Scotland’s links with Malawi are spread across every constituency. The links contained in this report are just a fraction of all the Malawi links across Scotland.

The SMP is individually meeting with each of the new Scottish MPs to brief them on Malawi links in their constituency. Through the summer and the autumn we will host a number of small local events to connect our members with their local member of Parliament: these are key opportunities to have : these are key opportunities to have your priorities heard.

Please contact David for more information and to be involved.

Click here to download the report