Congratulations to AMECA Trust on new clinic

27 Jul 2017
Ameca Clinic 2.jpg

We are delighted to learn that one of our members, The AMECA Trust, have opened a new Primary Healthcare Clinic at Chilaweni.

Completed in under a year, on time and in budget, AMECA delivered on its promise to bring healthcare services to the community of 22,000 people.
AMECA Trust also provided all equipment to the clinic. And since its opening, two students from the nearby primary school have been able to sit their exams due to successful treatment for Malaria at the clinic. The facility is fully staffed and is experiencing full outpatient clinics each day.
A solar powered borehole was constructed comprising a secure pump house, storage tank situated on top of a guard house and an overflow trough in order to provide the local communities with fresh water.  AMECA also provided ESCOM mains power to the clinic and to Chilaweni at 50% of the actual cost.
In the month of June, the clinic treated 1,800 patients who formerly had limited or no access to healthcare. 
To find out more about the clinic click here. >>