Climate Justice Round One complete

22 Oct 2015
Christian Aid- Climate Justice Fund pic.jpg

Climate Justice Round One complete

All five projects funded in the first round of the Scottish Government’s innovative Climate Justice Fund have now been completed.  Four of these five were in and with Malawi.

On the 12th October the Scotland Malawi Partnership helped organise a meeting bringing together those organisations that have been funded by the Climate Justice Fund, to share learning and experience from the first round of projects.

As part of this meeting succinct one-page summaries were developed for each of these five round one projects.  These summaries, along with contact details for each project, are now available to share with SMP members - click here to view.

Scotland will look to take the positive learning from its climate justice work forwards to the international COP21 climate summit in December.

All five leaders of Scotland’s major political parties have signed a pledge to continuing the Climate Justice Fund after the May 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections.  We welcome this pledge and look forward to continuing to help projects funded in this programme to share, learn and build on each other’s work.


(Photo: Christian Aid)