CDC Group increase work with Malawi

13 Jul 2018
CDC pic 1.jpg

This week the CDC Group, the UK’s development finance institution, launched its 2017 Impact Review and a new website showcasing the human impact CDC investments are having.

We're pleased to report that the CDC Group have increased their work with Malawi with two major new investments: £11.6m supporting local chicken farmers and £4.1m supporting 3,700 hectares of drought damaged land.

Our Chief Executive, David Hope-Jones, attended the launch event on Tuesday and is looking forward to visiting some CDC projects whilst in Malawi. The report specifically highlights the support CDC have been giving to Jacoma, an agribusiness, over the last year to support its work with smallholder farmers. Impact includes giving these smaller producers a reliable route to market and tackling climate-related risks.

With the release of this report and new website, the Scotland Malawi Partnership welcomes this move to greater transparency, along with an increase in investment in Malawi.

Read the report >> 

Visit the CDC Group’s new website >>