Calling all health projects in Malawi

24 Feb 2016
QECH neo natal 3a.JPG

Over the last year, the SMP has been active in helping form a new ‘Scottish Global Health Collaborative’, which exists to better coordinate and bring together all Scotland’s  Global Health activity, chaired by Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer. 

The SMP sits both on the main group and the core steering group: we hope this new structure will help support our members working in Malawi on health projects.

The full Group had its second full meeting earlier this week, the first chaired by the Chief Medical Officer.  The first key action for the group is mapping Scotland’s existing global health activity.  All those undertaking health related international development work are invited to feed into an online survey.

Please can we ask all SMP members who have health-related activities in Malawi to take a moment to complete THIS QUICK ONLINE SURVEY before 8th March.

We’re keen that our members do not miss this important opportunity to have their work represented. 

Many SMP members are not currently listed in the interim mapping report.