Are your partners in Malawi MaSP members?

24 Feb 2016
MaSP logo amended.jpg

A reminder to all SMP members to ensure their partners in Malawi are members of the Malawi Scotland Partnership. 

It’s free and has a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Free use of the Communication and Resource Centres (CRCs) in Mzuzu and Blantyre, with free internet, skype, meeting facilities, scanning, printing, etc.  We have an ICT support officer at each CRC who can help Malawi partners set up email accounts, teach to use Skype, etc.
  • Free training in accounting, project management and partnership working.
  • Free representation at key high-level meetings with Malawi, Scottish and UK Governments.
  • Free meetings, events, seminars, conferences etc to help network and listen to Malawian priorities.
  • Free regional activities in the north and south, with member-elected cluster groups.

For more information, if you’re not sure if your partner is a member, or to help them join, please contact David.