Annual Faith Links Newsletter Launched

27 Feb 2018

We are excited to launch our new annual Faith Links Newsletter just in time for our #BuyMalawian2018 campaign in March!

We know how important our faith community is to our Scotland-Malawi links, so this Newsletter is packed full of ideas on how you can get involved! It includes:

  • ideas as to how our faith-based members can participate in the Buy Malawian challenges;
  • updates from a few of our members on all their Scotland-Malawi work over the past year (submit yours before the next newsletter deadline!);
  • useful resources and information for our faith members;
  • a call for input on our next Faith Links Conference; AND
  • a Printable Bookmark of The Lord's Prayer in Chichewa and English, and one in Chitumbuka so YOU can distribute them amongst your congregations/faith groups!

Download your Faith Newsletter HERE!

And, access The Lord's Prayer in Chitumbuka