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Saint Margaret’s school organise a rabies awareness conference in rural Malawi.

21 Dec 2020

Despite the global lockdown, pupils and staff in Saint Margaret’s managed against all odds to successfully organise a rabies awareness conference in rural Malawi.

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Malawi voted The Economist ‘Country of the Year’

17 Dec 2020

We are hugely excited that the very respected UK newspaper The Economist has named Malawi its ‘Country of the Year’.

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Partnerships in Practice: Dunblane Soccer Club and Ekwaiweni Tafika Sports Academy

16 Dec 2020

Dunblane Soccer club plan to raise funds to send a range of football gear to Ekwaiweni Tafika Sports Academy in Malawi, with any left over funds being donated directly to the Academy to support their fantastic work.

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SMP Commits to Support Malawi Education Minister’s Clear Vision for Reforms

10 Dec 2020

We were delighted that Malawi’s new Education Minister and long-standing friend of Scotland, Hon. Agnes Nyalonje set out her vision and priorities so clearly, articulated in 8 immediate and medium-term reforms, at the SMP's Education Forum on the 3rd of December. We are happy to be able to share these again here and to reiterate the SMP’s commitment to do whatever is within its power to support the Minister’s aims.

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Classrooms for Malawi - Three new Trustee Vacancies

8 Dec 2020

Classrooms for Malawi are about to embark on a new 3 year strategy and now have 3 new Trustee vacancies available. Find out more here.

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Saline agriculture for climate adaptation in Malawi

7 Dec 2020

A 9-month saline agriculture project has launched, led by Seawater Solutions and funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund, to test the feasibility of using saline boreholes to grow salt-tolerant vegetables in Malawi to strengthen the climate resilience of rural communities and to empower the next generation of female farmers.

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Government agrees that UK visas system needs reform

4 Dec 2020

The UKVI and Kevin Foster MP, the Minister for Future Borders and Immigration have responded to our co-authored 2019 report, Visa Problems for African Visitors to the UK.

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Working Together

2 Dec 2020

A guest post from our wonderful member, the Mamie Martin Fund.

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