Malawi Cross Party Group: discussing SG review of International Development policy

23 Sep 2020

Those involved in the Scotland-Malawi relationship are invited to join the next meeting of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group (CPG) on Malawi.  This meeting will also serve as the Group’s AGM.

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

6 – 7.30pm UK Time (7 – 8.30 Malawi time)


 This is a digital meeting and we ask that everyone books a place to receive the relevant Zoom link

This meeting will specifically focus on the Scottish Government’s International Development Policy review, which was recently announced as part of the 2020-21 Programme for Government.

The Malawi Cross Party Group welcomes the collaborative approach set down by the Scottish Government in this review and is keen to make an active and constructive contribution, representing the strong cross party support that exists for Scotland’s relationship with Malawi, and the coordinated, collaborative approach between government, parliament and civic society.

Time is regrettably limited, both between now and the 23rd September meeting, and in the meeting itself.  However, in the spirit of openness and public engagement, the CPG is keen to welcome a range of contributions from those actively involved in the bilateral relationship, in both Scotland and Malawi.

If you are actively involved in the bilateral relationship and wish to feed into the CPG’s discussions about the forthcoming SG International Development Policy review, please share your views with the group online by CLICKING HERE.  The Group is especially keen to hear from those in Malawi that are actively involved in Scottish Government funded work.

MSP members of the CPG will receive all contributions and will select a diverse range of contributors to share their views, alongside MSPs, in the meeting.  

After the meeting, the CPG will collate and summarise views from (a) public submissions (b) MSP discussions, and (c) previous CPG meetings, and share these with the Scottish Government as a constructive contribution to the review process.

The CPG is keen to be clear that this is not a direct Scottish Government consultation but rather an opportunity for stakeholders to feed into the CPG's discussion about the review, and the CPG's submission to the Scottish Government.

The CPG hopes details about how stakeholders can themselves directly feed into the Scottish Government's review will be forthcoming.