Mobile phones

There are a number of mobile phone networks in Malawi, the most popular are TNM, Airtel and Access. These companies can provide credit for 'airtime' (for making calls) and for internet access. It's worth enquiring about phone packages (known as 'bundles') for cheaper call and internet rates. In the main cities you will be able to purchase a SIM card, and all over Malawi you will be able to buy phone and internet credit.

Often Malawians will have 2 mobile phones on different networks, in case one network is temporarily down.

Facebook and Whatsapp are increasingly becoming popular means of communication for those with access to a smart phone. 


Connectivity in Malawi can be a challenge, with frequent power outages and limited bandwidth. However most large NGOs and government agencies will have access to the internet, and entrepreneurial business have sprung up around Malawi providing internet access for those without a personal or work access. SMP members have found it helpful to text their counterparts in Malawi when they need a reply to an email as emails are not always checked on a daily basis. Both Airtel and TNM sell 'dongles' which can be used with laptops and PCs to access the internet, but they are relatively pricey so not everyone would be able to afford one. Dongles are topped up in the same way at mobile phones with instructions included in the box.


To Malawi:
The following companies charge around the same rates, offer a tracking service, and can get your parcels to Malawi in as quick as 2 days:



Parcel Force

Royal Mailthis is the cheaper option, but there is not a tracking service and it can take a bit longer. 

Within Malawi

The Malawi Posts Corporation has a network of over 180 Post Offices across Malawi, and does offer a courier service. DHL is the most common courier and express service in Malawi. G4S also operate a courier service between major cities.

For post within Malawi, AXA bus services also courier mail between major towns and cities.