Mindy Panulo

Mindy Panulo work experience.jpg

Area of work in which I would like to gain work experience

Environmental Health and Public Health issues e.g. first aid, management of water and sanitation issues in developing countries, nutrition and malnutrition management, disaster preparedness and management, maternal and newborn health in developing countries and management of public health programs.

I’d like to start work experience on the following date with the following frequency

From 1st July during weekdays, every week until December 31st.

Ideally the type of organisation in which I’d like to gain experience

Public health interventions and research organisations in Environmental Health, Public Health, School Health and nursing.

Qualifications I already have

BSc Public Health

Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery

Name of course I’m undertaking and completion date of course

MSc Environmental Health Sciences

Others skills/experience I already have

Development of data collection tools.

Data collection - focused group discussions, interviews, observations and structured questionnaire.

Data analysis - qualitative and quantitative.

Nursing care.

Report writing.