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The SMP is keen to help coordinate and support Malawi’s involvement at COP26. 

We want to amplify Malawi’s voice and visibility at COP26 and, in so doing, raise awareness of Scotland’s links with Malawi and support our Members’ work. 

In November 2020 Glasgow will host COP (Conference of Parties)26, the 26th annual global climate change summit: one of the largest international gatherings hosted in Scotland to date.  There will be hundreds of different fringe events and activities beyond the formal state-led discussions, with an estimated 30,000 coming to Glasgow.  It will be a busy and noisy time, and we are keen to ensure Malawi’s voice is heard.

Using our Malawi at COP26 logo and #ClimateCrisisMalawi, we hope to bring together those representing Malawi at COP26 and create a strong dialogue around the climate issues facing our countries.

Watch this space for more information about our COP26 events and what our members are doing at COP26.

Click here for our initial strategy with regards to COP26

We are delighted to share this excellent short video from the Climate Challenge Programme Malawi.





There are currently no upcoming Malawi at COP26 events. Be sure to check back here for more exciting climate-related activities held by the SMP and our members as we approach COP26 in November.

For more information about our other upcoming activities that you can get involved in, check out our events page here.





The SMP invited our members who were keen to be involved with COP26 to join us for a meeting on the 7th February in Edinburgh.  This was be a space to discuss the support the SMP can offer, share information about who is doing what, and agree a strategy for the coming months.  As always, we want to be led by what would be of greatest use to our members.

Our focus is specifically on Malawi-related involvement at COP26 and, for all other matters regarding COP26, we signpost to our friends and partners at: Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Scotland’s International Development Alliance, and the broader civil society COP26 coalition in development.  We do not wish to duplicate others’ excellent work.

For meeting minutes and more, check our the event page here.


SMP's Malawi at COP26 logo

We home a Malawi at COP26 logo will help bring together those representing Malawi's climate voice under one banner.

Using the hashtag #ClimateCrisisMalawi we hope to build momentum around the issues of climate change in Malawi on social media and get people talking about sustainable change.

We will discuss this logo and its use at our 7th February meeting – we are keen to be led by members.

If you would like to join us in representing the Scotland-Malawi climate links at COP26, you can use these logos and download them here:

Logo 1 // Logo 2 // Logo 3 // Logo 4 // Logo 5