Goal 3 - Good Health and Well-being


(Mphatso Nguluwe is Director of Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme (LiSAP). EMMS International and LiSAP are working together to stop the spread of HIV from mother to child in northern Malawi. Cathy Ratcliff is EMMS International's Director of International Programmes, working with local partners she plans and monitors the delivery of our healthcare projects.)



EMMS International works with Malawi to promote healthy lives and well-being for all.

Working through partnership, EMMS are improving training in palliative care, expanding nurse and clinical officer training, reducing the number of babies born with HIV, and making basic healthcare available to more people in rural areas.

They were also quick in supporting their friends in Malawi respond to the disastrous 2015 floods.

Just one of the thousands of people-to-people partnerships between Scotland and Malawi, working across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about Goal 3 by visiting the Global Goals website.



Support Global Goal 3 - Good Health

The UN is asking that every country and every community helps raise awareness of the new Global Goals, and we at The Scotland Malawi Partnership are keen to step up to this challenge, but we can't do it alone - we need your help!


1. Download Goal 3 and take a picture of you/friends/work/pet with the sign.


2. Ask your partner/friends in Malawi to take a picture with the same Goal sign. 


3. Tweet us @ScotlandMalawi with your picture using #Goal3 or email us your picture and we'll tweet for you!


4. Write to your local MP to tell them about your Malawi link and ask for their support to help achieve Goal 3.