Global Goals All Party Support

Scotland was amongst the first to sign up to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to learn what the Scotland Malawi Partnership is doing to help implement these 'Global Goals' in Scotland. 


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In May 2017 we took our pop-up Global Goals exhibition to the Scottish Parliament for a week to encourage MSPs to get involved.

Around 100 of Scotland's 129 MSPs came to our exhibition to learn about Malawi links in their constituency , find out about the Global Goals, and pledge their support to champion one specific Global Goal in Parliament.


All the five Party Leaders were quick to be involved, as was the Presiding Officer, the Deputy Presiding Officers, Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers, and dozens of MSPs from each party.

We're inspired and grateful for this overwhelming message of support for the Scotland Malawi Partnership and the UN's Global Goals from Scotland's elected members



Check out the photos and videos below of Scotland's 129 MSPs supporting the Global Goals. 


Nicola Sturgeon MSP

First Minister for Scotland


"Giving everybody the best chance in life is so important wherever in the world you live."

Jackson Carlow MSP

Leader of the Scottish Conservative party


"Infrastructure is the basis of a sound economy, development skills and a better life for everybody."

Richard Leonard MSP

Leader of the Scottish Labour party


"There are many goals which are important to secure sustainable global development but there's none more important than securing justice and peace."


Willie Rennie MSP

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrat party


"Investing in education to give every child and adult right across the world the opportunity to succeed."

Patrick Harvie MSP

Co-convenor of the Scottish Green party


"If people can't live in peace and security how can we expect them to build  stronger communities and transition towards renewables."


Check out over 100 videos from local MSPs supporting the 17 Global Goals



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John Finnie MSP

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Christina McKelvie MSP

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Jenny Gilruth MSP

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Kezia Dugdale MSP

Neil Bibby square.jpg

Neil Bibby MSP

Fiona Hyslop square.jpg

Fiona Hyslop MSP

John Scott square.jpg

John Scott MSP

Reece Harding square.jpg

Reece Harding MSYP

Angus MacDonald square.jpg

Angus MacDonald MSP

James Dornan square.jpg

James Dornan MSP

Monica Lennon square.jpg

Monica Lennon MSP