Youth & Schools Forum: New Editions

Start time 15:00 (UK) / 16:00 (Malawi)

Chad Morse

Youth & Schools Officer

As the new Youth and Schools Officer for the SMP, I would like to personally and enthusiastically invite you our upcoming Youth and Schools Forum entitled: New Editions.

Youth and Schools Forum

We fully appreciate that the past couple years have been extremely difficult in terms of maintaining a strong and vibrant school partnership. With the beginning of a new academic year, what plans do you have for your school partnership?

While in some ways we have learnt many new ways to stay connected virtually, due to school closures many partnerships may have lost touch with one another. Whether you have, once had or are thinking about establishing a school partnership we encourage to you to attend the Y&S Forum.


  1. New Youth and Schools Officer for the SMP - Chad Morse
  2. New developments at the David Livingstone Birthplace centre
  3. New updates from MaSP
  4. New Critical Learning School resource
  5. New Youth Committee recruitment drive
  6. Q&A's
Here's a few messages from Chad, Youth and Schools Officer and Max and Rachel, Youth Committee Members...