SMP Roadtrip - Edinburgh

It would be great if you could join us for the Edinburgh event (at City Chambers, 19th May 17:30-20:00). In addition to promoting the work of all our members across all our areas of partnership, this themed discussion for this event will focus on Governance via a special meeting of the Malawi Governance Forum from 15:00-17:00.

Edinburgh Event - 19th May

Venue: Edinburgh City Chambers

Time: 5.30pm-8pm

Book your place today!

We're touring the country hoping to meet as many members as possible to ask what YOU want US to do for the next three years.

As a member-led organisation, we aim to inspire, support and co-ordinate all of Scotland's civic-society links with Malawi - so come along on the 19th May, say hello, and tell us all about your Malawi link and how we can help your partnership grow.

What's going on?

  • Take the 3-minute challenge and tell everyone about your Malawi link - we're looking for the most inspiring 3-minute presentation in Scotland. Great prizes to be won; [Let us know when booking a place if would like to give 3-min presentation about your Malawi link]
  • Meet others locally with Malawi partnerships: share your experience and make new links;
  • Meet local MPs and MSPs and tell them about your work with Malawi

> Ian Murray MP (Labour), Edinburgh South - Shaddow Secretary of State for Scotland and Shaddow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills
> Joanna Cherry QC MP (SNP), Edinburgh South West - Shadow SNP Westminster Group Leader (Justice and Home Affairs)

  • Tell the Scotland Malawi Partnership what you want us to do to support your work 2017-20 (final consultation into Strategic Plan);
  • Represent your Malawi links in the local media;
  • Make a 30-second video telling us about your link with Malawi;
  • Meet the SMP team, have your say and catch up over an MGT;
  • Enjoy Malawian music, tea, coffee and gin!

Malawi Governance Forum

Directly before the Edinburgh Road Trip event we have a discussion event looking at land rights - a key issue for almost all our partners.

his is running 16.00-17.30 in the same room with speakers from Edinburgh, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Click here for details. All are welcome to both sessions. We'll run from one to the next with just a coffee break in between.

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