Meet your local MSP: Malawi Cross Party Group

We’re keen to invite members to attend the first meeting of the Malawi Cross Party Group (CPG) in this session of the Scottish Parliament and meet their local MSP.

UK time 18:00 – 19:00
Location Zoom

We will use this first meeting to inspire, engage and brief MSPs and allow them to meet directly with their constituents working with Malawi. Through the wonders of Zoom, we will have digital break-out groups in which you will be able to meet directly with your local MSP, inspiring them about your amazing work with Malawi.

It’s always important that we use this first meeting in a new Parliamentary session to engage and inspire MSPs about Scotland’s links with Malawi but it’s especially important now, with so much change and challenge, and also so much opportunity with Scotland hosting COP26.

We regularly give written briefings to MSPs about our members in their constituency but this can never replace the value of meeting directly those locally involved and seeing their genuine passion and enthusiasm.