'Malawi at COP26' stakeholder meeting 3

We were delighted to be joined by 70 organisations and key individuals for the third in our series of 'Malawi at COP26' stakeholder meetings.

We were delighted to be joined by 70 organisations and key individuals for the third in our series of ‘Malawi at COP26’ stakeholder meetings.

We updated stakeholders on what the SMP has done since our last (Nov) meeting and gave space for the Scottish and UK Governments to update on their COP26 plans, preparations and priorities as well as listening to Malawian and Scottish civic society. There is strong support for working together to deliver the SMP’s ‘Malawi at COP26’ strategy.

Key deliverables were agreed for the next six-week period before our next meeting.

The video of the meeting, with date stamps so you can easily find each section, has now been made live. Further notes, links, resources and information will be posted in the coming days to this page.

Key links to further information:

Since our last ‘Malawi at COP26’ planning meeting (Nov 2020) we have:

  • Had a meeting of the Scottish Parliament’s Malawi Cross Party Group, looking at Malawi’s youth voice on climate. It was well attended by MSPs and, fantastically, 75% of all those attending were Malawians from Malawi.
  • Met with the new British High Commissioner to Malawi and discussed COP26. The High Commission shares our desire to amplify Malawi’s voice at COP26 and we are working with UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s COP26 lead for Malawi.
  • Written to the UK Government’s Africa Minister, hoping to schedule a meeting early in the new year to, amongst other things, discuss COP26 cooperation.
  • Had this piece in the Nyasa Times championing our sister network’s work with climate young leaders in Malawi
  • Had this piece in the Scotsman which included reference to Scotland-Malawi COP26 cooperation.
  • Commissioned a major new Scotland-Malawi podcast which will be co-produced and co-presented by a Malawian and a Scot, the climate crisis and COP26 will be one of the key themes for the series of podcasts which will come out through the first half of 2021.
  • Begun work on our #COP26Voices project to amplify the voices of young Climate Leaders in Malawi. We already have half a dozen brilliant 1-minute videos from young Malawians talking about what the climate crisis means to them and what they want to get out of COP26. We will begin to put these out on social media early in 2021 and will have a regular stream of 26 youth videos taking us to COP26.
  • Developed plans for a major ‘Scotland-Malawi Youth Festival’ which will take place, digitally, over a week in mid-March. It will aim to engage 200+ young people though the week in Malawi and Scotland, with the climate crisis being one of the two areas of focus. As part of this we are commissioning a Scotland-Malawi song/dance which we will use to drive youth engagement on social media platforms.
  • Updated ourCOP26 webpage and developed plans for an improved webspace for this in our new SMP website, to be released early in 2021.
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