Governance Forum - 2020 Year of Governance Strengthening

All members and partners interested in governance work are invited to join this meeting of the SMP's Governance Forum. This meeting will specifically focus on the SMP's plans for 2020 Year of Governance Strengthening.


Time: 09.30 – 11.30 am

Date: Wednesday 26th February, 2020

Location: Edinburgh City Chambers, 253 High Street, EH1 1YJ

Meeting Papers:

Please find below the papers for this meeting:

Please email david(at)scotland-malawipartnership.org to join remotely.

About the meeting:

Members and partners interested in governance work were invited to join this meeting of the SMP’s Governance Forum.

This meeting focused specifically on the SMP’s plans for 2020 Year of Governance Strengthening.

Click here to learn more about the Year of Governance Strengthening.

The Year of Governance Strengthening looks to support governance strengthening across three spheres:

1) Within the SMP itself [our sphere of control]

2) Amongst the SMP membership [our sphere of influence]

3) In wider contexts across our two nations: [our sphere of concern]

This meeting was structured around these three spheres:

  • With regards sphere one (within the SMP), we will brief members on what work the SMP has already started, and has planned through 2020, to strengthen its own governance. We will invite any other ideas and input from members and provide channels for interested members to get involved if they wish.
  • With regards sphere two (amongst the SMP membership), we will consult members on what support, advice and information would be most useful from the SMP to support their own organisational governance. We will look to identify a handful of different areas to focus on in the first half of 2020, and agree the most useful method for the Partnership to offer support.
  • With regards sphere three (in wider contexts), we will share updates from recent relevant reports and activity undertaken by our sister network identifying governance needs in Malawi. We will specifically look at the recent ruling of the Malawian Constitutional Court, discussing parallels in Scotland and the UK, and exploring possible future partnership working. We will listen to a range of expert voices across Scotland and Malawi, as we explore potential for future governance collaborations.

This, principally, a civic endeavour, led by the people of Scotland and Malawi, and our leading civic institutions, including higher education institutions, NGOs, trade unions, think tanks, national academies and businesses. We also invite and encourage active participation amongst all three of our governments and parliaments (Scottish, Malawian and UK), if they wish. However, we think it is important that this work is not funded by any government, and hence the wider governance strengthening work proposed here (i.e. everything beyond governance strengthening within the SMP), is not funded from our Scottish Government core grant but rather from the SMP’s own independent funds.

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