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Decolonisation: embracing learning for Scotland-Malawi relationships

We invite all SMP members, their partners in Malawi and everyone interested, to join this important event. We look forward to hearing from a number of leading thinkers in this area, as well as listening to what this means -in very practical terms- from the Malawian perspective. We anticipate the discussion will be genuinely useful and inspiring for members, and will help strengthen and sustain their partnerships with Malawi.

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We have decided to postpone this event to ensure we have the broadest possible participation. To feed into the rescheduling, please email david@scotland-malawipartnership.org.

In what way are iniquities, injustice and inequalities hard-wired into the structures through which we engage? What are the colonial hangovers which hold back genuine equality and prevent Malawians being free and having the agency to lead their own transformative change at scale? What types of thinking, including unconscious bias, language, hierarchies and aspects of systems such as Health, Education and Aid are barriers to progress and genuine national and cultural autonomy?

For the SMP who are committed to a Scotland-Malawi relationship which is a truly dignified people-to-people partnership, we want to be challenged and informed by experts in decolonisation. We want to listen and learn, develop and co-design and build together even stronger, healthier, more equitable and impactful relationships.

Suggestions for Speakers for this event are invited and encouraged. Please contact: info@scotland-malawipartnership.org.

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