Covid-19 in Scotland and Malawi (Zoom Meeting 2)

We were joined by over 50 members and key partners at this Zoom meeting looking at urgent issues around how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the Scotland-Malawi relationship. Individuals and organisations from Scotland and Malawi joined us on this video call.

We were very glad to be able to connect with members and key partners via Zoom last Friday. The meeting on the 24th of April had over 50 remote attendees and took an in-depth look at urgent issues around how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the Scotland-Malawi relationship. Individuals and representatives of organisations joined from Scotland and Malawi.


The meeting was split into two halves, detailed below.
10.00-11.00 UK time (11-12 Malawi time): Discussing support for members in Scotland
- Update from the SMP on our Covid-19 Response Strategy
- Open space for members to share how they, and their Malawi links, are affected by the crisis
- Open discussion about what else the SMP could/should be doing to support members
11.00-12.00 UK time (12-1 Malawi time): Discussing Covid-19 in Malawi
- Update on the extent of the Covid-19 outbreak in Malawi and the locally-managed response
- Update from, and sharing between, the different appeals that are currently live
- Specific look at the issue of Personal Protective Clothing (PPE) in Malawi and the merits and risks of home-made alternatives
- Open space for members to share their partners' experience locally in Malawi, and how they are supporting their partner
This meeting built on the 31st March Health Forum meeting which looked specifically at Covid-19 in Malawi.
CLICK HERE for full details, notes, resources and meeting video.

The key actions for the SMP resulting from this meeting are:

- Share information and add links to website for:

  • Services being offered by mobile telephone service providers

  • Digital repository of educational syllabus materials

  • Government of Malawi’s Covid-19 dashboard

  • CDC guidance on prolonging use of existing PPE

  • Information from NHS on low cost decontamination methods for N65 mask

- Create working groups in the following areas to ensure that their needs are recognised and momentum is not lost:

  • Youth and schools engagement

  • Churches and faith-based NGOs

  • Medical communities and appeals

- Further specific actions include:

  • Collate information on PPE needs

  • Emphasise the ‘Do no harm’ principle within SMP Covid-19 strategy and communications

  • Share, amplify and applaud Scottish Government’s commitment to international development in light of Covid-19

  • Recognise challenges facing education in Malawi, particularly with regard to the North, and connect with UNICEF and others engaged in this area

  • Recognise challenges of communication, particularly with remote and rural areas of Malawi, reflect on what advice SMP is giving to partners in Scotland and make use of existing platforms of communication

  • Recognise concerns about connectivity, power and technology in Malawi

  • Recognise needs of repatriated staff from Malawi

  • Recognise surveillance as a key priority

  • Members and partners to provide ideas for Bananabox Trust container of Covid-19 medical relief materials to be delivered to Malawi

  • Members and partners to continue sharing information and advice for SMP to share and promote