COVID-19 Coordination Meeting & SMP Health Forum

SMP members and their partners were warmly invited to participate in our fifteenth COVID-19 Coordination meeting and combined Health Forum.

UK time 11:00 – 12:30 Malawi time 13:00 – 14:30
Location Zoom
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With member-led emphasis on the value of a co-ordinated approach between our two nations, we heard the latest in COVID developments in Malawi and Scotland. Watch back in full on our YouTube page here or below.

In the learning and sharing space of our Health Forum, SMP members shared insights into some of the challenges they have faced, lessons learned, progress made and thoughts for the future.

As well as having time for Q&A and discussion, in the Health Forum we heard about:

The Malaria Vaccine in Malawi

Malawi’s experience of being 1 of only 3 countries to lead Malaria vaccine pilot projects was amongst the presentations shared at the combined SMP Health Forum and fifteenth Covid-19 Co-ordination meeting.

The Government of Malawi has estimated that 6 million cases of Malaria occur there each year and that it is Malawi’s leading cause of morbidity and mortality, especially in children under 5 and pregnant women. Dr Mike Chisema of Malawi’s Ministry of Health presented on the new WHO-recommended RTS,S Malaria Vaccine, the first dose of which has been administered to almost 272,000 children in Malawi with over 55,000 having received all 4 doses since 2019.

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The MalDent Project

We also heard from Prof Jeremy Bagg and Dr Peter Chimimba, who spoke of the Scottish Government-funded MalDent Dental School Project, a partnership between the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences and the University of Glasgow.

500 miles

500 miles

Olivia Giles, Founder and CEO of charity 500 miles presented on its work supporting the development and delivery of prosthetic and orthotic services in Malawi. A constructively candid and reflective account of lessons-learned was shared as well as recognition given to the brilliant input and collaborative efforts of partners in both countries.

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COVID-19 Coordination Meeting & SMP Health Forum

Watch back in full here