The Scotland Malawi Partnership only collects private information from individuals wishing to become members of the partnership either as individual members or on behalf of organisations or schools.

We only ask for information relevant to our work and to the membership category applied for. For example we ask for details about the work carried out in Malawi so that we can help establish connections both in Scotland and in Malawi. Individuals applying for youth membership will be asked for their date of birth, but this is purely to establish that they are in the correct membership category.

Contact details of members are published in our online directory as feedback has suggested members find this very useful, but this is not mandatory for membership. When applying for membership we ask permission to publish your name, email address and contact telephone number in the directory. Not giving this permission does not affect the membership in any way.

Details of youth members under the age of 18 are not published in the directory.

The Scotland Malawi Partnership will not sell or pass on any private information to third parties. 


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