2018 Member Awards

 We’re excited to launch our 2018 Member Awards programme and invite all our members to enter this great competition.



The theme


This year, our Member Awards programme is structured around the theme of ‘Our shared future: youth participation and sustainability’ and what that means for your partnership with Malawi.





2018 is the Year of Young People and we want to take the time to recognise how your projects are engaging and involving young people.

As we all know young people represent the shape of things to come, so it makes sense to be engaging with them meaningfully and encouraging them to participate in sustainable projects now so they can take them forward with fresh ideas and knowledge in the future. If this is something you already do well, perhaps your video will inspire another member to follow your lead.

Sustainability is a key part of any Scotland-Malawi link and is one of our Partnership Principles. It's important in partnership working to always keep half an eye on the long-term to ensure you're not creating dependencies but rather are building capacity on both sides, so the benefits of your work last beyond the current project.

How to enter


We’re inviting all our members to enter the awards programme by developing a short video (no more than 3-minutes), answering one or more of the following questions:

1. What does the future look like for your partnership in Malawi?

2. How do you meaningfully involve young people in Scotland or in Malawi, or both?

3. How are you ensuring your work is sustainable and will have a lasting positive effect in Scotland and Malawi?

Videos should be fun and engaging, they should inspire and encourage active reflection. We hope that as well as telling us about your own partnership with Malawi, videos will also share experience and learning.


Step 1 -  Complete this online entry form 

Step 2 - Email your video using wetransfer.com or dropbox.com to grace@scotland-malawipartnership.org.

Hurry! You've only got until 12 noon, 12th September 2018 to enter!


Winning entries


We’ll be awarding multiple Member Awards at our 6th October AGM, with scoring by a special panel of Malawians and Scots, informed by a public vote (most number of views).

Winners will receive a carved trophy from Malawi and a hamper of Malawian goods at the AGM. We may also have a few special surprises on the day! Not to be missed...

We’ll also use social and mainstream media to promote winners, including using our regular column in the Scotsman to promote their work.

Even if you’re not one of our final winners, we’re committed to promoting all the shortlisted videos on our website and through social media, so it’s a great way of raising awareness of your work and sharing your learning.


Need some inspiration?

Check out the winning video entries from last year's Awards >>

Rocknroll-178 sm.jpg      Rocknroll-93 sm.jpg      Rocknroll-175 sm.jpg      Rocknroll-85 sm.jpg 


Ts & Cs




If you would like support producing your video, or for general enquiries please contact Grace (Grace@scotland-malawipartnership.org / 0131 529 3164) as soon as possible.


You must own copyright on any audio accompanying your video. Even if you give a credit in video description to an original right holder, it doesn’t mean you don’t infringe the copyright. YouTube has a strict copyright policy. Please check it, so your video will not be disqualified from the competition.


Please make it clear in the video that you reflect on one or more of the entry questions of your partnership with Malawi.  All content must follow the values and ethos of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.


The preferred format for videos is .mp4. We will also accept .mov video files. If you are unsure please email Grace.


Videos must be between 1 minute and 3 minutes in length.


Please make sure you have permission of all people (especially children) who feature in your video. See NSPCC Guidelines  or the Child Rights International Network for details.

How to send your video

Once you have completed the below online entry form please send your completed video to grace@scotland-malawipartnership.org. You can use either Dropbox or Wetransfer to do this.




1. Do I have to answer all three questions in my video?

You can choose to answer one, two, or all three questions in your video. As long as your video is no longer than three minutes in length.


2. I'm not that confident using video editing software - can you help?

The SMP can support members in editing videos. If you require support, you should get in touch with Grace O'Donovan as soon as you can. 


3. I've entered the Member Awards in previous years, am I allowed to enter again?

Of course! We're committed to offering our members every opportunity to promote their Malawi links. The theme of each year's Awards changes to allow members the opportunity to enter as often as they wish.


4. I'd like to submit a joint video with another member - is this allowed?

Yes! The SMP welcomes collaboration between members and encourages members to team up to create their video.


5. When will you announce the winners?

All winners of the 2018 Member Awards will be announced at our AGM on 6th October in Glasgow.


6. How are the winners chosen?

A panel of Scots and Malawians will watch every video entered into the competition and compile a shortlist of the entries which best reflect the theme of the Awards.

Successfully shortlisted members will then have two weeks to promote their videos and gather as many views as possible on youtube (the SMP will create a dedicated youtube link and share this with shortlisted members).

The winning members will then be revealed at our AGM on 6th October.


7. When is the deadline for the videos?

Videos and entry forms must be completed by 12 noon on Wednesday 12th September.


8. If I’m under 18 and want to submit a video, do I need permission from a parent/guardian/carer?

Please get in touch with our Youth and Schools Officer Gemma if you’re under 18 and we can chat about consent for your video entry.


9. Do I have to be a member of the Scotland Malawi Partnership to enter?

The Member Awards are open to all members of the Scotland Malawi Partnership. If you would like to become a member please check out our Membership Page for full details.