Product description

A rich and lively medium roast coffee, grown near the shores of Lake Malawi


Size: 227g bag

Ingredients: 100% Coffee

Strength: No. 3 Medium

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Where to buy

Fairtrade Mzuzu Coffee available from Fair Trade shops such as the One World Shop and Rainbow Turtle 



 Malawian AAA Coffee

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Product description

This AAA (largest coffee bean size) is grown on the Eastern side of Nyika National Park close to where Dr. Livingstone once camped. The area is dominated by the high Nyika plateau, which rises to 2500m above sea level.


Contains: 250g ground coffee

Cupping Notes: Maple, Kumquats, Dates

Whole or Ground coffee available

Where to buy

Available to buy from Luckie Beans online and at Glasgow Queen Street station.




 Malawian Chisi Coffee

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£7.45 / £21.60

Special Offer:

Discount Code: SMPCHISI17

Offer: £1.50 off per order

Until: 31st March 2017



Product description

Fruit filled, medium bodied and a perfect start to the day. Tangy orange marmalade leads through to a fragrant plum finish, green tea and a delicate effervescent grape like acidity.

This micro-lot is exclusive to Artisan Roast and comes from a quality improvement initiative run by Coffee Nexus and Imani Development.  

Time was spent in the region working on improving quality at six pulping stations to help the farmers access higher quality market streams.   One of these pulping stations, Chisi, consistently produces some of Malawi’s finest coffee.  It is located in the heart of the Misuku district, towards the far north of the country.


Contains: 250g/1kg

Producers: 79 farmers of the Chisi Zone

Region: Chisi Zone, Misuku Region, Part of the Mzuzu Co-operative Malawi

Cultivar:  Geisha

Process:  Fully Washed 

Altitude: 1500 - 1850m asl

Where to buy

Available to buy from Artisan Roast or in any of the four Artisan Roast cafes in Edinburgh and Glasgow 



 Malawian Mzuzu Coffee


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£11.50 from Ovenbird



Product description

This exceptional coffee is comprised of the Taste of Harvest competition lots from Mzuzu Coffee Cooperative Union.

The blend features the Taste of Harvest winning lots from Vunguvungu and Itulo washing stations. It also includes coffee from the Misuku region in the Northern highlands of Malawi, which produces the highest grown coffee in the country.

The local language name for this lot is Tukubyala indunye mwa kofi ukupela akafuni, meaning “Our coffee is grown in the shade of banana trees”. This name originates from the Ndali spoken in the Misuku region of Malawi.

Above, Mzuzu coffee staff assisting Vunguvungu Farmers at Vunguvungu Washing Station. Gentle acidity, medium body, silky mouth-feel. The finish is a coffee with mellow acidity, good sweetness, berries and malty.


Growing Altitude: 1300 – 2500 meters above sea level

Arabica Variety: Geisha

Harvest Period: May to October

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Aroma: Malt, Cedar

Flavour: Cranberry, Green apple

Body: Medium body

Where to buy

Online at Ovenbird.